Who are we and why are we doing this?

We are High school Students, and every day we watch our world collapse from pollution, climate change and litter. We hear about species becoming extinct, we learn about the great pacific garbage patch, we study significant issues such as global warming and pollution, yet we don’t have much of a voice to make a difference in society. So we are starting small. Every view and comment we receive is another person out there who is willing to make a change, and by teaming up together, we can make a difference.

How you can easily reduce waste on a daily basis

Did you know that it takes about a month to develop a new habit? Want to know how you could change the world for the better in that time? Picking up some of these habits will reduce waste in your household, save the environment and create a cleaner earth, all in 30 days!

1.Pick up a string bag! ditch the plastic!

String bags are a great alternative to plastic bags, and can prevent a ton of waste! some string bags are even 100% Bio-degradable, making them zero waste! Pro tip, if you forget to bring reusable bags and tend to use plastic ones for convenience, keep Some string/reusable bags in the glove box of the car so that there always on hand!

Organic Cotton String Shopping Bag - Natural
this string bag is 100% bio-degradable, and creates zero waste!

Image from biome

2. Reusable coffee cups

Did you know that reusable coffee cups not only have benefits for the earth but also for you! they have a better seal on your drink and they keep it warmer and toastier for longer and they also prevent the risk of a spill. Plus, they keep your hands warm in winter! Did you know that over 1 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown out by Australians every year! that’s 2,700,000 each day! reusable coffee cups really do save the world.

They really do look cool!

image from archive.friendsoftheearth.uk

3. Reusable Straws

As you may have seen by now, metal straws have become a bit of a trend! not only are they awesome, but they also save the environment! there are currently over 10 million straws from Australia going into landfill each day and slowly making to the sea to kill many marine animals. Metal staws can be found in many stores all over the world. paper straws are also a great alternative.

4. Reusable water bottles

Plastic water bottles are pretty commonly known for destroying the earth, which is kinda a good thing because we know how to fix it. bring a reusable water bottle with you next time you go out, and not only will you save yourself money, but you will also save the earth!

Metal water bottles not only come in many colors and sizes but keep you drinks cooler for longer!

Image from :treehugger

5. Lighting

though it might not necessarily prevent environmental waste, it sure does stop you from wasting electricity! you’ve probably been told thousands of times to turn off the lights when you’re not needing them, but it really does make a difference to the environment! it saves a lot of energy that cannot be replaced, and it saves your power bill! so next time you leave a room, make sure to turn out the lights!

Image result for person turning of light
Saves the environment and electricity!
image from us.toluna.com

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is loggerhead-sea-turtle-caught-in-plastic-fishing-gear-jordi-chias-naturepl-com_.jpg
A picture of a sea turtle trapped in fishing nets
Picture from dweebyrunner18.wordpress.com

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) is a large island made of purely plastic. The GPGP is around 3 times as big as France and is located between Hawaii and California. Scientists estimate that by 2050 the total mass of waste in the ocean will be equal to the total mass of all fish in the ocean!

Plastic in the ocean is causing lots of problems, as many sea creatures eat this plastic, thinking it is food. One hundred thousand marine animals and 1,000,000 seabirds die every year because they have had ingested plastic. It is estimated that 44% of sea birds, as well as sea turtles, have plastic objects in or around their bellies. 1,000,000,000,000 single-use plastic bags are thrown away every year, that’s about 2 million plastic bags a minute. In 2016 it was recorded that people brought 480,000,000,000 plastic bottles, but ten years earlier in 2006 is just 300,000,000,000. All over the world, people use over half a million plastic straws every day, and the amount of bubble wrap produced every year is enough to wrap around the earth’s equator ten times!

This is a very big problem, However, Here are some ways you can help to lower plastic pollution in waterways:

  • Donating to charities that help clean up the ocean.
  • Pick up rubbish at the beach or parks.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle when you can.
  • Try and avoid buying single-use plastics.